Using the UP210s was a relaxed experience.
The performance at low volume and medium volume was incredible. I couldn't even get them to 60% because of the sound pressure they had. They are very high performance. I played a little bit the EQ on the Master just for my own sake but I didn't need to, excellent clarity, not aggressive, in all the frequency range. I used them in the back of the stage as a back sidefield, incredible performance without feedback.

Gustavo Pichón Dal Pont

Live and studio mixing engineer. Worked for many international artists. Winner of 3 Grammy awards.

The inclusion of Linear-F PA systems allowed us to make a significant quality leap in our studios. The technology applied, the management and performance of each unit made the purchase decision easy; to all this, we must add the great installation, tuning and support service. Totally recommended!

Jose Kasbo

Sound Manager Telefe - Viacom,

I have been using Linear-F, UP 315, UP 210 and UP 18 systems for more than a year now. I am the sound engineer of the Municipal Theater of Baía Blanca. Italian style theater of more than 100 years old with Platea, 2 floors and Paraíso, which has a very varied programming, music, dance, theater, conferences, symposiums etc. Every day that I turn on the Linear f I know that I am going to enjoy it, because it is so enjoyable to work with this system. I also receive daily comments from musicians and those who have come to different roles and the common word is Quality, plus all their other incredible qualities. I only have words of thanks to everyone at Linear-F, excellent people and professionals....

Federico Victor Contreras

Sound Engineer Municipal Theater of Bahía Blanca.,

The Linear-F system surprised me with its high SPL and sound quality. High dynamic range and very low frequencies for a small system. Congratulations for the work.

December 11, 12 AND 13, 2015. Cycle of concerts of "Madera Microchip".
Maipo Theater.

Juan Castañeda

Op. FOH Catupecu Machu.

"Impressive power, coverage and intelligibility!
Easy to transport and set up.
The clearest system I have heard so far.

Carlos Nolan

OP. FOH La Bersuit among others

Impressive and very comfortable for this type of work, where you need equipment that is quick to assemble and easy to move.

Chili Fernandez

Singer & songwriter.

It is a system that has great clarity, it sounds like a near field monitor. A depth and level of detail unthinkable in a live sound system.
A sound pressure that does not modify the above. Hanging outdoors and routed accordingly, it has no overlapping problems between boxes. The subs are very defined and it assembles very fast. And as if that wasn't enough, the after sales service is incredible.

Pablo Armentano

Technician & sound operator for the Secretary of Culture and Education of the Municipality of Berazategui, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We used the UP315 and UP-24 system in a presentation and were amazed at the size/performance ratio.

Nestor Stazzoni

Live sound operator for Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, Ricardo Montaner, Tini Stoessel, Lali Esposito, Dante Spinetta, Disney in Concert, Martin Fierro, Teatro Gran Rex, Juventus Lyrica among others.

They sound amazing...! "Bandana" and live band. Lola Membrives Theater. 15 performances full of audience.

Tupa Mesia

Live and television sound operator. Worked for Badía & Cía, Susana Gimenez, Gasalla, Cris Morena, Iguazú en Concierto, Bandana, among others.

I used the equipment in several shows with Los Pericos and I was surprised by the small size of the system, how good it sounded and the pressure. I especially remember one outdoors, a box hung on the side and a sub, I really liked it.

Toby Peralta

Op. FOH of Los Pericos

You have to dissociate what you see from what you hear.
June 2019, Ruben Rada at the Solís theater in Mdeo.
More than 10 musicians on stage, more than 1000 people and one system per side of linear F UP315 and UP-24.
Not only was I surprised by the pressure that the system could deliver, the most important thing was the sound quality.
Linearity and musicality were surprising.
Tremendous system

Daniel Canoura

Op. FOH Rubén Rada among others.

At a commercial level Linear-F systems gave us a great solution to offer. A system easy to install and small size that helps in the aesthetics of the project. Giving us great possibilities to integrate it between stages and screens with excellent sound quality and coverage.
An excellent equation!!!!!

Leo Píriz

Director Congress Rental Uruguay

Linear-F is a piece of equipment that I have enjoyed the times I have used it. Besides, I had the opportunity to get to know it from its beginnings and learn about its development.

Something that has surprised me since the beginning of the construction of the system. Then to be able to test the different models in closed places, theaters etc., and outdoor places (stadium). It is to feel the pleasure and pride of an audio system made in South America.  For its coverage capacity, its power and above all, its sound quality.

Absolutely recommended.

Steve Salvi

Technical Producer / PA Operator of "Jairo".