Designed to achieve the best results, the UP210 offers a unique set of features. Reference monitor sound quality, sufficient sound pressure for musical events of up to 500 people (131 dB SPL continuous), and a power consumption of 0.9 A over 220v. All this with the size and weight of a conventional 8-inch cabinet (27.3cm x 47.2cm x 26.5cm deep and 12 kg).

The UP210 is a truly unique cabinet in performance and functionality (PA, PA against the wall, PA hanging, floor monitor, three-way monitor with the UP-18, frontfill, and under balcony).  The combination of performance and reliability really simplifies the task of event sound reinforcement. Starting with the small space needed to store the system, the ease of transport, the simplicity of assembly, the savings in electrical wiring due to low power consumption, and the fast setup.

In none of our designs is the result compromised by the cost of components or manufacturing. For this reason we feel free in the design process. With no other limit than physics, we enjoy our passion to offer the user the ideal tool.

Self-powered 2-way cabinet with very high efficiency between 40Hz and 20KHz. It consists of a 10″ driver, a 1″ driver and an aluminum horn with constant directivity of 90°x 70°. It has 2 channels of class D amplification and a DSP controllable via Rj45 or with presets switch on the rear panel.

The cabinet is built in 15mm phenolic coated with an extremely hard exterior treatment, being very resistant and light. The front of the cabinet is protected by a very thin grille whose covered area is only 25%. This ensures its acoustic transparency and the absence of resonances or added distortion.

- Multiple applications
- Very high efficiency
- Excellent sound quality
- Frequency response up to 21KHz
- 90°x 70° coverage (constant directivity)
- Ultra compact size
- Low power consumption (200W)
– Apto transporte aéreo
- Full control of the DSP via RJ45
- 110V - 220V auto switch power supply

Frequency response: 50 Hz - 21 Khz +/- 3 dB
Componentes: LF - 1 x 10″, HF - 1 x 1″
Program power capacity: LF - 950 W, HF - 120 W
Sensitivity 1W at 1 m: LF - 100 dB Spl, HF - 113 dB Spl
Calculated maximum peak Spl: LF - 136 dB Spl, HF - 139 dB Spl
Horizontal - 90° , Vertical - 70°
Voltage input 2 PowerCon input and output 110V/220V autoswitch
Amplification: 2 channels of class D amplification with 120dB of dynamic range
Processing: 48kHz/64bit DSP with control via RJ45 and rear panel presets.
Power consumption: 200 W Rms.
Dimensions: 273 width x 472mm height x 265mm depth Weight: 12 Kg